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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sweet Babies

I bought five small urns for Davy's ashes, one for me, my daughters, and his babies. I asked the funeral home to cut five small locks of Davy's hair, which I put in my urn with his ashes. The urns came in a velvet box, and the urns themselves easily fit in your hand. I have a larger container of his ashes to sprinkle or keep. Those are the ones I used when I planted his tree.

I gave the ones for the babies to their mother. The babies must have seen them and asked what they were. She didn't know what to tell them, and they wanted to hold them. She was worried they'd think it was a toy and throw it or something, but she let them hold it. They were very gentle with them, and even kissed them. Just when I thought those babies couldn't get any sweeter or any cuter … they do.

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