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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Max and Annie

When the kids were young, I went out of town to a Women's Conference with some of the ladies from my church. When we stopped at a Cracker Barrel, I looked around for gifts for my kiddo's. I saw some Beanie Baby stuffed animals and was looking at the cats. My kids loved cats. Unfortunately, they only had two different cats ... but I had three different kids.

I put the cats back and was looking around when I saw the cutest little puppy. I changed my mind … I got the girls the cats and I bought my son the puppy.

When I came home with cats for the girls and a puppy for Davy, he asked why he didn't get a cat, too … so I told him that I was going to get him a cat, but then this little puppy crawled to the end of the bin and asked me, "Do you have a little boy?"

I said I did.

The puppy asked, "Do you think your little boy would be a good Daddy?"

I told him I thought my little boy would be a wonderful Daddy.

The puppy asked, "Do you think he would want to be my Daddy?"

I told the puppy, "I think he would love to be your Daddy."

After that, Davy felt sorry for his sisters. They got stuck with those silly kitty cats … cute though they may be … but he got a puppy!

About a year later, the girls and I were out someplace and I saw a puppy that looked like Max, except she was all white. I told the girls, "Look! It's Annie! Max's wife!" My son was thrilled to get Annie, and Max was smitten as soon as he saw her. Davy played with those stuffed animals all the time. When he got too old for them, they were stuff someplace in his closet.

Davy loved those stuffed animals. When he moved out, he left many of his stuffed animals here for his babies … but he took Max and Annie with him.

After his death, his wife gave me Max. She said Annie had been mauled to death by the dogs. I was heartbroken, but at least I had Max. Then she called and said she had found Annie! I was so happy! Ever since Max and Annie were reunited, they haven't been able to take their eyes off of each other.

Before I got Annie back, I gave my little grandson Max to play with. He had a blast with him, and it warmed my heart.

When Davy's babies get a little older, I plan to give Max to his son and Annie to his daughter. Before I do that, I need to make sure they're old enough to know how special these two stuffed animals were to their father so they are treated with the reverence they deserve and not just thrown into the toy box and forgotten.

I am so glad Davy loved those stuffed animals enough to hang onto them all these years … and one day, his babies will be glad, soo.

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