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Friday, February 8, 2019

I Keep Getting Blocked (Temporarily) From Blocking Ads on Facebook

I have more ads on my news feed on Facebook than I do from my friends, and I hate ads ... so I block them. The fastest way to block them is the click on "Why am I seeing this?" From there, you can block all posts from that advertiser.

But, if you're scrolling through your posts blocking ads "too quickly", Facebook will slap you like an impudent child by blocking you (temporarily) from using this feature!

There is still a say to block the ad, but it takes a few more clicks of the mouse. First you have to click "Hide ad". Then you have to select a reason why you want it hidden and click "Done".

However, you are NOT done yet.

After you click "Done", you have to tell it it hide all ads from that particular advertiser, then click "Done" again.

I'm sorry, Facebook, but if my news feed wasn't filled with so many ads, I wouldn't be blocking them "too fast"! How about you put more posts from my friends in between the ads, then I wouldn't be blocking them "too fast".

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