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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Wonderful Writer's Retreat

I spent the weekend at a lodge tucked away in the middle of nowhere with my fellow romance writers. Every time I am with them, I am amazed at how supportive they are, how much they encourage each other, and how much I learn from them.

This group comprises the entire spectrum of writers ... there are best-selling authors and those who are just beginning their writing career, and thy all have one thing in common ... learning how to be the best they can be. When we have writing sprints and are asked to share what we have written, I am always amazed at how much talent is in the room.

The weekend was spent in workshops, fellowship, food, and fun. I always come away refreshed, and filled with determination. I always, always, always learn something from these women.

Barbara Samuel was the guest speaker this year. Her list of novels, awards, and accomplishments were intimidating, but she was as sweet and kind as the characters in her novels. She shared a wealth of information with us, and even those who are quite successful in their own right learned from her.

I think that's the best part of belonging to this group is that no one is jealous of someone else's success. Inf fact, it's quite the contrary ... even small successes are honored and rewarded with praise! We're not competing with each other, and everyone is willing to share their techniques and give advice to anyone who asks. I feel honored to know these women and count them as my friends.

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  1. Just where is this lodge that still has green leaves on the trees?