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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Has Arrived ... on Ocracoke!

Photo courtesy of Philip Howard
Yesterday, while I was waking up to a dusting of snow, a temperature of 14º, and a wind chill of -2º, the folks on Ocracoke were relishing the first blossoms of spring. Last week we enjoyed temperatures in the 50's and 60's, and the rain washed away what little snow we had left. The warmer temperatures were a rare show of kindness from an unusually brutal winter.

Ocracoke did get 5" of snow this winter ... once ... but apparently Mother Nature can't stand to cover up the natural beauty of the island for long, and she's giving them a break.

What little snow we got yesterday quickly melted in the sun, even though the temperature never made it out of the 20's. In late February and early March we are usually enjoying highs in the 50's, so this lingering cold seems particularly cruel. As bad as our weather seems to me, the northern states have really had their butts kicked this winter! I do believe I can hear all of America crying out a collective "Uncle!!!".

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