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Thursday, June 5, 2014

BFF's ... Again

In the winter of 2013, my oldest daughter "kidnapped" Olivia, taking her to her house to live because my middle daughter wasn't being a very good cat mom and my oldest felt sorry for her. Olivia and Louie became fast friends. My daughter moved from a house to an apartment that spring, and the apartment complex only allowed two animals, so she had to bring Olivia back. When Olivia came back, you could tell she missed Louie, and poor, lovesick Louie moped around looking for his lady for a long time. 

A new manager took over the apartments a few months ago and decided my daughter's dog was no longer welcome, citing it as "a restricted breed". Unable to find another place to live that would allow pit bulls, she moved back home while she searched for another place. It's been nice having her back ... it's been a long time since my three little ducklings were all living at home! When she moved back, along with Roo and Louie, Louie was thrilled to see Olivia, but she wasn't thrilled to see him ... not at first, anyway. Now, they play together all the time. My oldest daughter has found a new place, so she'll be moving in the near future, and Olivia will probably stay here. But Olivia is the love of Louie's life, and he won't take kindly to losing his soulmate.

Just before I snapped these photo's, Olivia and Louie were laying down, facing each other, holding hands. It was really cute. Then Olivia pounced, and it was game on!

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