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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meet Seymour ... My New Best Friend

I bought a new vacuum for the pool ... and I'm absolutely, 100%, head-over-heels in love! The vacuum that came with the pool was really a joke, and I was never satisfied with it. My pool is an above ground pool. It's (obviously) nothing fancy, but it's perfect to float around and get some sun or to cool off in the heat of the day, and it's plenty big enough to hold the large herd of giant teenagers/young adults that seem to congregate here!

The vacuum that came with it would pick up most the debris that falls to the bottom of the pool, but the fine dirt would just be stirred up, creating a dust cloud around the vacuum. The pool filter would clean it up (eventually), but you had to keep it stirred up for those particles to ever reach the filter. If the pool got very dirty from a big rainstorm or had algae in it, it took a lot of diligence to clean it to my satisfaction. I tried buying hoses and fittings to connect the old vacuum into the filter system, but it never worked as well as I had hoped.

I could have bought a replacement for about a fourth of what I paid for this vacuum, but I wanted something that really worked ... and this one does!! Since it cost so much more than the other vacuums I had to choose from, I figured if it didn't work as advertised, I'd take it back and settle for whatever I could get. I tried it out yesterday and was amazed at what a good job it does!

I've had this pool for about three years now, and have struggled to find an affordable solution for keeping it vacuumed. I couldn't figure out why in-ground pools had such good vacuuming systems, and the ones for above ground pools were so inadequate. Surely they make something for above ground pools that actually work and don't cost two or three times as much as the pool, don't they? Yes ... they do! And I found it!!

And I'm in love!!!

I realize Seymour and I are still in the honeymoon faze, but I'm an incurable romantic ... and I do believe he and I will have many happy years together!

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