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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

She's Apparently Inspiring the Neighborhood!

He's waving "Hi" :)
My oldest daughter (yes, the oldest ... the one getting married this fall) has loved sidewalk chalk since she held that first piece of chalk as a pre-schooler. She drew the above penguin for me (I love penguins!). Since she has been back home, I am often greeted by her sweet (and silly) drawings when I pull into the drive after work at my little piece of the American pie.

Apparently, the neighbors approve ... and are following suit! While walking this evening, she came upon the following drawing on the sidewalk down the block ...
(It's cute ... but I like my daughter's penguin better)
I love beautiful monarch butterfly she drew ...
So far, the neighbors haven't copied her butterfly drawing ...
it would be really cool if they did!
And, of course, no chalking session would be complete without something silly ...
He seems quite happy, and shows no signs of distress,
despite being no where near any water!

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