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Monday, June 9, 2014

Stick People Families

Every once in a while, I contemplate buying a new vehicle, but never for too long. I drive a minivan, and ... much to my surprise ... I actually love it! I remember how depressed I was when I broke down and bought it. I was driving a Maza 626, and I loved it. But, I have three kids and the Mazda only sat five people. Only one kid could have a friend spend the night on Saturday night because there wasn't room in the car for more than one extra person ... because if you spent the night with us, you went to church with us Sunday morning!

I needed a vehicle that would allow me to carry myself and six passengers ... one extra spot for each child to bring a friend. I really wanted a Durango ... NOT a minivan! I test drove several Durangos and I liked them, but they cost a lot more than a minivan. Try as I might, I could not justify spending that much more simply to haul my kids and their friends around. I had a long talk with myself, pointing out that I needed a minivan, I only wanted a Durango. I could have easily afforded the Durango, but I did the responsible thing ... sigh ... and bought a minivan.

At first, I hated it. I liked sitting up higher, but I wasn't used to the extra length ... and I did NOT want to drive a minivan! I had never wanted a minivan ... ever ... and now I was driving one. I found it depressing. Not long afterwards, gas prices started to soar, and I was thrilled that I hadn't gone with a gas-guzzling V-8. It wasn't long before I was parallel parking the van like an expert ... even against a curved sidewalk. I woke up one morning and discovered I actually loved my minivan!

I'm glad I bought it and no one is more surprised than I am that I don't want to trade it in and get something more suited to my current lifestyle. My boyfriend smiled at me one day and casually quipped that now that my kids are grown, I could finally get rid of the minivan. I'm sure he was thinking ... as most people do ... "Who is their right mind would drive a minivan if they didn't have to?!" (It's certainly what I always thought!) I almost burst into tears at the thought of getting rid of my minivan!!! Seeing how distressed I was at his comment, and realizing I was one of those (very) strange people who wanted to drive a minivan, he quickly retracted his statement.

The van has a few scratches, but it they're minor. When it's washed and waxed, it looks shiny and new. It's mechanically sound ... and, best of all, it's paid for. It also has a remote starter ... which I LOVE!!!! There is nothing nicer than getting into a pre-heated car on a cold winter morning! I know there are a lot of cars out there with remote starters now, but they don't all have them, and I couldn't bear to give up my remote starting capability!

But don't worry ... I haven't completely succumbed to the minivan mindset ... there was never a "baby on board" yield sign hanging in the back window, and I do not have a stick figure family frolicking about ... but if I ever did, it would reflect what it's really like to be a single mom of three ...

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  1. If only that minivan was an AWD with twin turbos, then I'd drive it.