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Saturday, June 14, 2014

If You Cook It, They Will Come

What's better than a free lunch at work on Monday? 
A free lunch Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, too!

Every summer in early June, the Sheriff's Department hosts a four day seminar. The handful of us working in the building make sure everything is in order for them (which is very little). My contribution is technical help if there is an issue with technology. They are polite and gracious, so it's always a pleasure to lend them a hand.

As a thank you for our assistance, everyone in the building is invited to help themselves to the lunches they have catered in each day. When the aroma of food fills the halls, and after those attending the seminar have eaten their fill, we descend like a horde of hungry locusts. 

I always make sure to thank them ... because food you don't have to fix yourself always tastes better ... and food you don't have to cook or pay for tastes better still!


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