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Monday, December 8, 2014

Squirrel Knocks Out Power to 2,000 Residents

A squirrel recently knocked out power to 2,000 residents in Silicon Valley. The glorified rat came into contact with the grid, destroying the circuit, and was electrocuted. I'm sorry for the troubles of those affected ... but YEAH! One less squirrel in the world!! 
Need I say more?
My lack of love for squirrels is legendary. Squirrels are rats, plain and simple, and I will never understand why they are allowed to roam freely. I've written many a post on these disgusting rodents. There are those who might say my distaste of squirrels borders on the psychotic, and perhaps they would not be incorrect ... but there really is nothing cute or sweet about those disgusting things. Squirrels cause a lot of damage ... and they eat my flowers!

(You can read the full story here.)

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