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Monday, December 15, 2014

The House is FINALLY Decorated!!

The living room fireplace.
I've normally got the presents wrapped months in advance, and the house decorated long before now, and I haven't even started on my baking. For some reason, December has been super busy, but I'm back on track. The house is finally decorated. I'll finish my wrapping tonight, and I'll start my baking either later tonight or tomorrow. I love how pretty the house looks, but it's really a lot of work! Every year I say I'm going to cut back ... and I have cut back some ... but I have to remember I'm making memories for my kids ... so I keep decorating long past the point sane people stop!

Bird Girl, all dressed up for Christmas.
Bird Girl always holds pretty Christmas candy. I love her!
The family room
The family room.
The dining room.
The mouse family in the dining room.
A close up of the mouse family.
The kitchen.
The kitchen.
The downstairs bathroom.
Boneless Chuck always goes all out for Christmas. 
Even the toilet gets decorated.
The living room tree, sans presents.
I usually have a train around the bottom,
but I don't think I'm putting it out this year.
The stair landing.
And the upstairs bath.

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  1. Looks beautiful but I still think you're crazy