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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gladys is FINALLY Ready to Bloom Again

New buds on Gladys the Goldfish Plant
Last fall I transplanted Gladys (the Goldfish Plant) into a bigger pot. Then, we moved and her light source changed. She was still facing south, but I guess the move to a bigger pot and a different window shocked her system, because she quit blooming. I feared she would never bloom again. As I was watering her Saturday, though, I noticed numerous buds forming. Yea! I love those flowers (below).

Goldfish flowers.
A couple of years ago, I took some cuttings to root and started a Goldfish Plant for Thing 1. It did really well and produced a lot of flowers ... until her cat (Louie) ate every single leaf. Now that she has a good place to hang plants, I've started another from cuttings and it's just beginning to root. Once hung, Louie won't be able to reach it ... he can only look at it ... and salivate from afar.

Thing 1's new plant-to-be.

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