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Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Favorite Day of the Year

For someone like myself, I need a pretty darn good reason to give up an hour of sleep ... and daylight savings time IS a good reason. I LOVE daylight savings time. I wish we'd stay on it all year! I LOVE that it's light outside longer ... and daylight savings time signifies another dreary winter has come to and end. Granted this winter wasn't bad at all, but even a warmer than average winter is gray and dreary. Winter has no color ... even the skies are gray.

I've seen red bud trees completely covered in purple flowers and daffodils are blooming everywhere. The grass is greening up, and in between the frequent spring showers, the sky is blue. Before long, the numerous dogwoods on my property will be revealing if they are pink or white. I moved to this house last fall, so I've been waiting a long time to see what color my dogwoods are, and I can't wait!

There are apparently people who don't tolerate the time change very well, which I have never understood. If you can't tolerate a 60 minute shift twice a year, your internal clock is wound a little too tight. The nightly news has been offering tips and the web is full of articles for those who need help adjusting to the time change. But as for me ... I don't need help adjusting to the time change ... I need help containing my excitement!!!!

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