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Sunday, March 6, 2016

How Babies Think About Food

The federal government spent 1.5 MILLION dollars studying how babies think about food. And what, you may be wondering, did we get for that money? You won't believe it:
  • The researchers characterize infants as having "limited knowledge in the food domain." Children aged three to six years old are "more knowledgeable than infants and toddlers about foods" but are "notoriously picky eaters." 
Yes, the federal government spent 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS to find out what every parent since Adam and Eve already knows, that is... babies will open their mouth for any food you give them and spit out what they don't like. whereas children aged three to six will happily eat a cookie and cry if you try to make them eat broccoli. spinach, or brussels sprouts.

The United States is over $19,000,000,000,000 in debt ... yet those in power thought it wise to spend $1,500,000 on a study to find out infants are too young to have formed opinions about food and pre-preschoolers are picky eaters.

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