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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Anyone Else Feel Sorry for Meghan Markle and her Parents?

(Photo courtesy of Mega/Reuters)
Two people are just trying to get married, but the press has to delve into the past of her dysfunctional family. Her bitter half-siblings have been quite vocal. One minute they're calling her vile names and making shameful accusations about her, and the next they're begging for an invitation because they are family.

Her father, for whatever reason, allowed himself to be photographed by journalists and was so embarrassed he pulled out of the wedding. Then he changed his mind and said he does want to walk his daughter down the aisle. Now, it appears, he's changed his mind again.

If Meghan had serious felonies on her record, that would be relevant topics of discussion, but the things being reported are not ... they're just hurtful and cruel. There might be a kernel of truth to some of them, but what family couldn't come up with something mean to say about each other? The scrutiny on Meghan and her family has been relentless. Leave these poor people alone! Did the paparazzi learn nothing from the death of Princess Diana?

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