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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bird Girl Has Flowers Again

When I moved here, Bird Girl's new home was filled with purple phlox.

Bird Girl in the Spring
It looked beautiful, but there were so many weeds, and several with woody stems. Pulling the weeds destroyed the phlox, so I pulled it all out and covered with with black plastic for the rest of the season.

Bird Girls with no flowers :(
I planted some flowers last summer, when it was really hot and dry. I can't remember the name of the flower, but they flower all summer and had small orange blooms. I was so excited to see her surrounded by flowers all summer. Sadly, they all died. I'm not quite sure why.

Bird Girl with newly planted orange flowers that bloom all summer.
This past weekend I almost bought the same flowers that died last year, but changed my mind and planted white phlox. I really wanted the orange, summer blooming flowers, but since they are the only plants I've ever bought that didn't thrive, I decided on the tried and true phlox. It will be several years before the Phlox has filled the bed, but that's okay. Knowing Bird Girl will be surrounded by pretty flowers in the spring will be fine.

Bird Girl with newly planted white Phlox.
Next weekend I'll have to buy a truckload of mulch for all of my flowerbeds, but I sprinkled Preen all over, so maybe I can keep the weeds in check and won't have to gut this flowerbed ever again.

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