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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bird Girl and the Arbor/Clematis

Bird Girl has fresh mulch.

And as you can clearly see, she is obviously thrilled. 

The arbor has been painted (it used to be white), and now has clematis climbing up.

Below is a photo of what the arbor area looked like when I first moved in. Note the ivy climbing the house and covering the ground between the house and fence. I sprayed for poison ivy/oak/sumac and pulled the ivy off the house before I even closed on the home! The area by the fence in the front yard was so overgrown when I moved in, clearing the "clutter" was one of my first projects. I didn't tackle the ivy on the ground beside the house until last year. It's starting to pop back up, so I'll be out there the first chance I get to pull it ... again... and hopefully get it all.

The following picture was taken out one of the windows in my bedroom. The ivy is now mostly gone, and you can barely make out the ivy covered fence. Part of this area used to be a dog run, so there were two ... and sometimes three ... layers of fencing, part of which was buried in the ground to keep the dog from digging out. I tackled that area last summer. I lost track of the hours it took to remove the ivy, dig out the fence, and un-attach it from the main fence. I also pruned or cut down the trees hanging over the fence.

Compare the above picture to the one below. It's the same one posted at the top of this post, but it helps put the huge amount of work it took to get it from point A to point B.

I'm thinking of planting azalea's against the fence and the house, and I'd love to cover the ground in black rock, but I'm not going to add any more projects to my list for this summer and fall.

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