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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Dogswoods are in Bloom

I've always wanted to look out my front window and see a beautiful dogwood tree. At my old house, there wasn't room in the front yard for a tree. When I bought my current home, it was summer. All I knew was that I loved the setting ... I loved the house, the yard, the woods ... everything! I didn't really pay attention to what kind of trees were in the yard.

Once I moved in and was working in the yard, I knew I had dogwoods, and I (im)patiently waited for spring. Looking out my front window, I was rewarded with not only with a dogwood directly in front, but also a Red Bud and a Chinese Plum. There are a couple other dogwoods sprinkled on the property, and when they bloom, my heart smiles.

I'd love to plant more dogwoods, and a Magnolia, but I have so many yard projects lined up for this year, the trees may have to wait.

I took the above pictures last week, when everything was still pretty much in full bloom. The picture below was taken a few days after the other pictures ... and after the recent rains and wind blew away a lot of the petals ... but here's the view from my front window.

When I bought this house, I got my wish without even realizing it :)

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