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Saturday, August 4, 2018

As The Eagles Would Say (sing) ... Pretty Maids All In A Row ...

I bought a dozen boxwood bushes to plant on the top of the hill. The plan is to plant the hill with vinca vines, leaving a row of grass at the top so that I can cut the vines to keep them from overtaking the yard.

After marking a lane of grass, I placed the bushes where I wanted to plant them ... nothing so scientific as a tape measure was involved ... just good old fashioned "Uh, yeah, that looks about right!"

My neighbor lent me his post hole diggers, but after breaking through the grass, I found it easier to dig with my trusty big spoon.

The endeavor wasn't without mishap. I opened an existing cut on my arm and bled all over my arm and gloves. It looked worse than it was.

After a quick wash, gauze, and a self-adhesives ace bandage, I was back outside working away.

Between the heat, which meant a lot of trips inside for ice water and to cool down, tree roots, the physical labor, and one very determined sweat bee, the project took a lot longer than anticipated.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that it takes a lot more upper body strength (and height!) than I possess to get a good bite of earth with post hole diggers. I had to wedge myself between the posts like an insurance salesman trying to stop a door from being slammed in his face!

I don't know if my neighbors peeked out their windows to watch me, but it would have been more entertaining/comical than a lot of stuff on television! I have a very unique way of getting a job accomplished sometimes, but I never quit ... and in the end, my hard/quirky work always pays off.

The shrubs looked much more 'substantial" in their pots than they did in the ground, but they'll grow. One day they'll grow together to form a nice hedge, and the vinca vines will remove the need to cut the grass on the hill.

I have some vinca vines to plant, but not nearly enough for the entire hill. I'll plant what I have Sunday, with a trip to the garden center to see if they still have any left. The vines look a little worse for wear and tear, but vinca vines are virtually indestructible. They spread quickly, they're full, and they choke out weeds.

I hadn't planned on undertaking this project until next year, but when I found the boxwoods at such a good price, I couldn't pass them up.

My neighbors paid me a nice compliment, too ... they've seen me toiling away in my yard for three years now, and said, "You're a worker, that's for sure!" That made me smile. I'd hate for anyone to think of me as lazy.

So here are the less than impressive photo's I took when it was all said and done. I did my best, but it's really hard to to photograph small shrubs over a vast expanse!

After a quick shower, I'm ready for the evening. Keeping busy helps keep me from breaking down, so I keep thinking up projects to do. Even so, I think about Davy non-stop. I don't guess he'll ever be far from my mind. Such is my burden. The Lord apparently thinks I'm strong enough to weather this storm, but sometimes, I think he overestimates my strength.

Mother Theresa once said, "The Lord will not give you any more than you can bear. I just wish He didn't trust me so much."

Amen, Sister. Amen.

Even if you don't live in the Evansville area, please keep an eye out for this car. It was traveling South on I-69. It could have been coming from and going to anywhere. The Sheriff's office will follow up any ANY lead.

The Sheriff’s Office has identified the make and model of the suspect vehicle from the fatal hit and run crash that killed 23-year old David “Davy” Egan, father of two, on Friday, June 22, 2018 on I-69 near south Green River Road.

SUSPECT VEHICLE: Silver 1998-2002 Honda Accord sedan. 2-door or 4-door body style. The vehicle will have damage to the front end.

If you know of a vehicle matching this description, please contact the Sheriff's Office TIP line at 812-421-6297 or leave a web tip here.

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