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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Busy, Productive Day Yesterday

Now that it's summer, I can work whatever hours I want ... just as long as I get my forty hours in. So, I've been going in really early, working ten hours, and I still get home in the early afternoon. AND, I get a three-day weekend all summer!. I took advantage of those afternoon hours and did a lot of work in the yard, but yesterday I tackled one of the bigger jobs.

A couple weekends ago I bought edging stones, landscape fabric, and had a bunch of mulch delivered. I was short on the edging, so I ran to Menard's for more after  my morning coffee yesterday, then headed home to get to work on the play area. I got the edging around the swing set, laid the landscape fabric, then added the mulch. I was so happy to get it done!

I ordered a sandbox turtle and a water station for the kiddo's, too, but those won't be delivered until next week. I am SO grateful to have fleet of ride-on toys, a pool (not set up yet), a toddler basketball hoop, t-ball set, bubbles, bubble mowers, balls, and a slew of other toys for the the little ones to play with when they come over. The older three are at the age where they need to be outside to run and play and explore ... and I'm more than happy to indulge them.

As I got to work outside yesterday, I thought about calling Davy to see if he wanted to come spend the day with me and help me get the play area done. A year after his death, I'm still reaching for the phone to call him. But I know he was there, watching and smiling from Heaven as I toiled away in the hot sun for his babies.

Getting the play area done wasn't intellectually difficult, but it was heavy, back-breaking work ... and but it was hot! Bending over, stooping, carrying a lot of weight, etc., took it's toll on me yesterday! (I am most definitely NOT sixteen anymore!) When I was done outside, my hands were black from the mulch, I was soaking with sweat, and my back, neck, and hips were screaming ... but after shower and a couple of ibuprofen, I felt brand new ... so I filled the hummingbird feeder (yet again!), watered the flowers, then began tackling a big project inside. I can't wait to get it completely finished ... and it's pretty close! Once it's done, I'll share the photo's.

All my grandbabies will be over in a few hours. It's supposed to rain and/or storm most of the day, but I'm hoping the weather cooperates and we can go outside and play at least part of the day. I LOVE the smiles on their sweet little faces as they fly around the backyard 😊

Laying the edging ...

Then the landscape fabric ...

Then the mulch (never mind that the edging stones don't line up at that one corner ... a sandbox is going there) ...

Here's what it will look like(ish) with the sandbox ...

I'll probably put the water station on the patio, where I can put the umbrella up and protect them from the sun ... and it's closer to the water source. I'm sure I'll be hauling water to the turtle so that they can make sand castles and form the sand into sea creatures with their molds. (The kenetic sand has spoiled them!)

The older two have been begging me to take them to the beach, and I plan to, but not until all of the babies can enjoy the sand and surf. It would be so fun to rent a beach house or condo with my little family for a week, but it won't be this year ... a newborn and a pregnant daughter would make the beach life less than optimal ... and I think my daughter-in-law would freak out if I suggested taking the kids to the ocean this summer!

I got several projects done this past week inside and outside ... but I'll save those "reveals" for later. As for now, I need top sweep and mop my floors! My life probably looks mindlessly boring to other people, but I fill my life with what makes me happy ... and what makes me happy is working in my yard and around my house ... and spending time with the people I love. In the end, that's all that really matters, isn't it?

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