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Monday, June 3, 2019

They Built a Park!

Thing 2's generous, selfless husband (on his birthday, no less!) and his parents put together the swing set I bought a year and a half ago. The weather was gorgeous! The temperature was perfect, the humidity was low, and a light breeze kept us all cool and comfortable.

When the babies mom came to get them, Sweet Pea ran up to her Nana and said, "They built a park!"

All four babies were as good as gold. I am so grateful to have the swing set up so that the babies can run and play in the backyard. They were getting way too big to be cooped up in my living room!

For lunch I grilled hot dogs and chicken with lots of sides. Thing 1's son pooped out just as lunch began and took a long nap, but Super Why and Sweet Pea held in there, and sweet baby E spent the day napping on my daughter's chest, sitting on my lap, or in her little vibrating lounger enjoying the breeze and watching all the activity.

It was a really, really good day😊

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