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Sunday, June 9, 2019

New Tile to Replace the New Tile

(This is the inside project I finished on my very productive Friday.) Back in February I took down the old tile on the back wall of the hall bathtub and replaced with different tile. At first, I loved it, but the longer I've lived with it, the less I liked it. It was my first attempt at laying tile, and I didn't do a stellar job. You can't see it in pictures, but there were a lot of "mistakes". My initial pride turned into loathing as I looked at my gaffes ... every ... single ... day.

So, despite the expense and labor, I reluctantly replaced the tile ... again ... and I'm so glad I did! This time, it's as perfect as an amateur can make it. And this time, I don't have to worry about others seeing it up close and thinking, "Hmmmm. I think she should have hired a professional." Maybe no one would have ever noticed, but the mistakes stood out to me like red pen from a teacher circling my incorrect answers on a test.

And I'm for done, done, done. I am NOT replacing this tile again! I don't think I will, but if I ever have the notion to replace it, I'm going to sit myself down and have a stern conversation with me. If that doesn't work, I'll send myself to time-out and/or I'll be grounded ... for however long it takes to get the notion of changing this tile out of my head!

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