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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Vectren Commercials

Does the sheer volume of Vectren commercials bother anyone else? All they show is how much updating they are doing, which is completely unnecessary. We can see the trucks all over the city and county. We know they are doing a lot of work ... but so is Waterworks, and they don't spend a boatload of money patting themselves on the back! They send road closure information to the television stations and the newspaper, and they inform us where water and sewer repairs and upgrades are taking place.

I don't know how much Vectren spends on advertising, but going by how expensive print advertising is, I can only guess they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of the money we pay for electricity for them to make elaborate commercials telling us what we already know ... and what the television stations and newspapers would do for free.

A blurb on their website, daily Tweets and Facebook posts would do the exact same thing and cost them NOTHING ... they already have people on staff whose job is is to do those things!

Their commercials are 100% wasted money. They are the only energy provider here. We are captive customers with no other choice. I'd much rather that they would follow the example of Waterworks and use free advertising. It's bad enough that they built a new headquarters building, on the riverfront with a balcony for executives and their guests to watch fireworks, air shows, hydroplane races, etc ... on what is arguably some of the most expensive land in the County ... and then they take the money we pay for "energy" and spend it on unnecessary, expensive commercials bragging about what a wonderful job they are doing. STOP!

Just use our hard-earned money to provide us gas and electricity. That's ALL we want to pay for ... and it's all we should HAVE to pay for.

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