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Friday, January 10, 2014

Attention All Vegetable Chip, Crisp, and Cracker Makers:

Don't these look tastey? They're not!!!! 

I love almost every vegetable in pretty much any form ... raw, cooked, dehydrated, pureed into sauce or juice, etc. ... it makes little difference to me! When I saw these at the grocery, the vibrant color of these veggie chips made them irresistible. I could hardly wait to get home to taste them!

The packaging said they are "Lightly salted veggie crisps".  It should have said "A grain or two of salt on colored wood chips".

I have two words for you ... GARLIC POWDER! If there are any calories in garlic powder, they're negligible. And, garlic powder is made from yet another vegetable ... garlic! Garlic has numerous health benefits and adds amazing taste to nearly everything ... so, they could still be called "Veggie Crisps"!

They could come in two flavors ... the original flavor, "Cardboard" (pictured above), and "Garlic"!!

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