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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My oldest daughter loves cupcakes ... and snails! She read a book called "Snail Mail No More" when she was young girl, and even though "snail mail" and "snails" are entirely two different things, she became obsessed with snails. She began calling my middle daughter "Snail" or "Snailey" or "Snailey Mae" ... and still does so to this day. She also calls her Sassy, but we'll discuss that at a later date! She made a snail apron for work ...

Yes, her brother, sister, and I know she's a weirdo.

And yes, she knows she's a weirdo!

When a movie about snails came out (Turbo), I really had to take the kids to see it (despite the fact the movie was made for children, and my "children" are adults). I love it that my kids are still really just "tall" children!

And, like all the other weird things my weird kids and and their weirdo mother do ... we had to pose in front of the movie poster in the lobby to memorialize the evening.
The movie poster didn't come out very well, so here's a better picture (not that anyone really cares, but it will make my kids smile!)

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