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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'd Like To Introduce You To A Few Ladies!

When my daughters and I went on vacation last summer (my son couldn't get off work), we spent some time with my sister and her husband in Georgia. She had seven chickens (six different "breeds" ... or whatever different chickens are called!). They hadn't laid any eggs yet, but she was hoping they would start laying soon. I can't remember if they weren't old enough then or if they just didn't felt like laying eggs!

By the time they visited here for Christmas, the ladies had been hard at work! My sister and her husband brought five or six dozen eggs to split between all of the households. I didn't get a picture of the eggs (I guess I wasn't thinking), so you'll just have to take my word on how pretty all those different colors of eggs were together. I love brown eggs!

My eggs made cookies, a big breakfast casserole, french toast, and scrambled eggs ... so thank you Blanche, Charlotte, Matilda, Lucy, Ethel, Wrenny, and Lily!!

My sister sent me a few pictures of them and gave me their descriptions so that I could tell them apart. It took a while to figure out Charlotte vs. Wrenny, and Matilda vs. Lily. I think I have them all straight now ... except for Lucy and Ethel. Lucy and Ethel are both the same kind of chicken, but I figure Lucy knows to always stands to the left of Ethel ... you know ... to make their identification easier! (It's never Ethel and Lucy, right?!!)

Below are three pictures of these sweet, hard-working southern belles ...

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