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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lone Survivor

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My boyfriend and I went to see Lone Survivor last night. Well, he saw it, I mostly listened to it. It was my idea see it. I knew an action film that showed our military hero's would appeal to him, and I just wanted to know the story of these brave soldiers.

I knew it was going to be graphic and intense, which meant I would be hiding my eyes through a great deal of it ... and that's exactly what happened. Regardless, I'm glad I went.

There are some that are critical of the movie, saying it glorifies war. They couldn't be more wrong. There was nothing "glorious" about that movie. At the military base, the men goofed around and hot-dogged, but when it came time to do their job, they were serious. They did what their country asked them to do, but I can pretty much guarantee you those men would have been just as happy to go home and see their wives and children.

Others critical of the movie said it sends the message "American's good, brown people bad." I'm wondering if they watched the same movie I did. I saw many, many good "brown people" in that movie, people who had nothing to gain and everything to lose ... whose goodness and kindness came with incredible risk to themselves and everyone they know.

There is nothing larger than life than the American Soldier, and Navy Seals are an elite group unto themselves. It made me proud that these men were American's, and it humbled me that they were willing to sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms ... including the freedom that gives naysayers the right to criticize this film.

I have never watched a movie about Batman or Spiderman or any other "superhero" someone made up, but I have watched many, many movies ... based on true stories ... about the American military. To me, those made-up, comic book "heroes" can't compare to the American soldier ... who are real-life superheroes.

I fall asleep every night in a warm bed with a full belly, safe and sound. I don't spend my days wondering if I'll be alive at the end of the day or worry that my husband will come home in a flag-draped coffin or if my children will have to grow up without a father ... and it's all because of brave men like those brought back to life in this movie.

I hope they and their families ignore those who are critical of the sacrifices they all make, and that they know the American people are grateful for their service to our country. It cannot be said enough, and so I'll say it again ... to all the soldiers ... thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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