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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Girl With Flowers

I was cleaning old files off my computer the other day and came across this scan. My middle daughter drew this for me in the mid-90's. I scanned it and used it as wallpaper for my computer. It made her smile every time she saw it ... and it made me smile, too. This particular child was a prolific draw-er. In the first ten years of her life, she easily produced enough drawings to wrap the entire planet ... twice! 

I have a lot of the kid's drawings packed away here and there. I often come across them as I'm digging through drawers or going through boxes ... and I remember them all. I can still see the huge, anticipatory smile on their face when they presented me with their gift, and I how they beamed with pride as I praised their work and thanked them ... with words and hugs and kisses ... and sometimes tickles. 

Strange, isn't it? I have three children who drew me picture after picture ... for years and years and years ... yet when I come across one of their masterpieces, I know exactly which critter created it for me :)

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