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Friday, March 21, 2014

Winter Fatigue

Yesterday, the first official day of spring, was a pleasant enough day. A little cold by my standards, but a light jacket was all that was needed by the afternoon. Today is supposed to be even prettier, and we should see 70ยบ. The winter reprieve will be short-lived, however, as we'll be back down into the 40's next week. I sure hope it doesn't stunt the spring flowers that are appear just ready to bloom.

I spoke to my sister in Minnesota a few nights ago. They had just gotten another round of snow. I don't know how she lives up there! We may be suffering from winter fatigue here, but they are suffering from winter exhaustion.

It gets pretty humid here in the summer, and before long, everyone will be complaining about the heat ... but I won' be among them! It does get hot here, and it can be very uncomfortable, but I'll take uncomfortable heat over painful cold any day of the year ... and I miss my flowers!

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