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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Random Thoughts That Run Through My Mind When I'm Bored

I was working on a computer in a spare cubicle for someone earlier in the week. Since the desk belongs to no one, it became the catch-all for extra educational materials. A haphazard pile of children's games, flashcards, workbooks, etc., were strewn all over the desk. As I waited for things to load, I got bored and started looking through the cards. A few of them struck me as quite funny ... so I snapped pictures of them!

 It appears even her horse has more sense than Cowgirl Bess ... ouch, indeed!

I love all of these things ... could it be that I am actually Fancy Fox?!!

I feel your pain Spot ... I hate it when that happens!

After I finished looking at all of the cards and games, I tidied up a bit ... neatly stacking the items into a more cohesive pile, arranged by color and size. The woman in the next cubicle asked if I could work on her computer and tidy up her area next!

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