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Thursday, July 31, 2014


I heard a commercial recently (which is unusual, as I always mute commercials and never know what they're about), but for some reason, I was forced to listen to one of some cable provider bragging that "You can now record six shows at once!" And golly-gee ... he sounded happy!

Never, in the history of television, have there been six shows on at one time that I wanted to see, hence ... there is no reason to record any of them! Not only have a I never wanted to record six shows at once, I've never wanted to record six shows in a month. I'm not sure I've ever wanted to record six shows in a year! Is it really necessary to record six shows at once? I'd have to quit my job to have time to watch all the shows I recorded if I recorded that many!

Something tells me that the people who record six shows at once aren't recording exercise programs!


  1. I'd say those are for the unemployed.

  2. I'm with ya, Jackie. Most of the time, I turn on the telly, scan from one end of the dial to the other and can't find a single show I want to watch, let alone SIX of 'em! (Of course, once I find one I want to watch, I will never know whether there are any others on at the same time, because, well, I found something to watch.)

    Then again, I use an over-the-air antenna, not cable, because the antenna paid for itself in cable savings in about two months. There's a small probability that, if I was paying for cable, I might find more than 1 show to watch among the approximately twenty-four million channels. Ironically, that probability is overshadowed by the near certainty that I will give up looking before I ever find it.