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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ruined Plans

Thing 1 brought her dog, Roo, over while she and her fiance took a day trip. The first thing Roo did was run to the kitchen to see if there was any cat food in Olivia's bowl. Olivia just laughed at him. "Ha, ha, ha! There's no food ... they forgot to feed me today! Ha, ha, ha, ha ..." She paused mid-laugh as the reality of the situation became clear. "Hey! They forgot to feed me today!!!"

For the record, Thing 2 forgot to feed her, not me. Anyway, I gave Olivia her food and sat it on the small cabinet under the window. Roo has eaten Olivia's food before, so she knows he can inhale her entire bowl of food faster than a teenage boy can devour a plate of cookies. The mongrel's presence meant her plans for the day were ruined, as she would now be forced to spend her day on top of the small cabinet guarding her food. This is one of her favorite spots to "work", but she has other windows she's responsible for monitoring daily. And what about all those naps the cat-code requires? All that time she spent researching new places to sleep was for naught. Roo being here really disrupted her routine ... and she was not happy ... at all.

Roo is afraid of Olivia, so he kept his distance from both her and her food. He did, however, have the last laugh ... he got in her litter box and stole some of her poop while she wasn't looking ... and ate it. (That look on your face right now ... yeah ... that's kinda the face I made, too!) Roo seemed quite happy and proud of himself, but I almost threw up!

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