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Friday, July 25, 2014

I guess I'm too old to appreciate a "hip" manicure ...

A black line underneath the sparkly silver tip.

My sweet, ultra-girly middle daughter always has her finger and toe nails neatly painted in various designs, usually a modified French manicure. She loves it, but from where I was sitting ... watching her arms flail about while she talked a mile a minute ... it looked like there was dirt under her fingernails. I'm not a fan ... but she loved it.

She did a similar treatment to my toes, except the line was pink, not black. She thought my toes looked quite lovely, but I thought they looked naked. I tried letting the new style grow on me, but I just couldn't get on board ... so I repainted them with a luminescent pink polish I simply adore. Now that I see what a black line looks like, the pink line I thought was so unattractive is starting to look pretty good!

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