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Saturday, July 26, 2014

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day to me 
(and my nerdy/geeky peeps).
Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day to me
(and my nerdy/geeky peeps).
Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day 
dear nerds and/or geeks,
Happy Systems Administrator Appreciation Day to me
(and my nerdy/geeky peeps).

What my middle daughter said: "Mom, everyone already knows you're a nerd. I wouldn't consider you a geek, but you're definitely a nerd."

What I heard: "You're AMAZING!"

The last Saturday in July is the day we celebrate the much anticipated System Administrator Appreciation Day. Today we celebrate nerds and geeks ... which makes me very happy! 

The Urban Dictionary defines a Nerd as ...
"One whose IQ exceeds his weight."

and a Geek as ...
"The people you pick on in high school
and wind up working for as an adult."

My IQ easily exceeds my weight, but that's not saying much ... weighing at in just over 100 lbs, I'd still be a nerd even if my IQ were average.

And the only person who really picked on me in school was me. Being a perfectionist, I was very hard on myself, much more so than anyone else would have ever dared to be. I was pretty mean to me ... does that count?

P.S. Sorry for the late posting, but I experienced a nerds worst nightmare ... my internet connection was out all morning!

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  1. O that is a nightmare
    Did you know the word nerd was first used by Dr. Seuss
    I thought so -- most geeks do.