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Monday, July 14, 2014


My daughter got the above wedding invitation in the mail about a week ago (the names have been blurred to protect the innocent ... and the guilty). She stuck it on the fridge ... with the other half dozen or so wedding invitations we've received so far this year. I looked at it to see who was getting married. I didn't recognize the bride or grooms name ... but more than what information it did contain, I noticed what it did not ... there was no date or time on it! I turned it over to see if those details were on the back of it. Nope!  


I can imagine friends and relatives calling the brides home asking when and where, and then the confused bride (or bride's mother) picking up the invitation to point out that the date and time IS on the invitation ... and then comes the heart-stopping realization that ... it isn't! 

A few days later my daughter received a postcard with the date and time. Someone, I'm sure, has been profusely apologizing to that poor, traumatized girl!

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