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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've Found the Ultimate Christmas Gift

A dinosaur turd! But not just any ole ordinary dinosaur poop will do ... it must be the one pictured above! This fossilized dinosaur feces is 40" long. Paleontologists and dinosaur aficionados have described it as "A truly spectacular feces specimen that boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring, with a terrifically detailed texture across the whole of its immense length."

That's some pretty high praise for poo-poo, isn't it? What more could you possibly ask for in a turd? And while we're on the subject ... when is the last time you saw the word "spectacular" and "feces" in the same sentence?!

This "unprecedented" 40" dinosaur turd is "tastefully" mounted on black marble ... and it expected to fetch up to $10,000 at auction. I thought about bidding on it for my sweetie for Christmas, but then every Christmas present from that point on would be a disappointment. I mean, really ... how would I ever top a spectacular 40" dinosaur turd?!!


  1. Santa better not bring me anything like that!!

  2. You can't make up this crap!