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Friday, November 13, 2015

Be Still My Heart

Sweet baby W came to see me last the weekend, and I was in heaven ... even if he did throw his first temper tantrum for me. It was short lived, however ... but only because I immediately checked to make sure I wasn't holding him in a way that folded his little ear, changed the position I was holding him (numerous times), patted his tiny, padded bottom, and walked around the house until he slipped into unconsciousness. I was able to briefly lay him down and take this picture, but it wasn't long before he realized I wasn't holding, walking, and rocking him, nor was I patting his butt ... and he let me know my dereliction of duty was not going to be tolerated. He puckered up and bellowed, so I snatched him up and held him close as I walked and rocked him and patted his bottom.

I'm sure he's proud of what he's accomplished in the four short weeks he's been with us. He's had his Mommy trained for a while, and his Grandma Jackie is proving to be a fast learner. It won't be long before he has me jumping through hoops for my favorite bite-sized treat! He's probably quite relieved to know that old adage is true ... you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

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