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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Old Chests

I bought this old chest at a resale shop here in town. At my old house, it was upstairs in my office. At my new house, it's the coffee table in my living room.

My daughter and son-in-law both love antiques, which makes the fact that they bought my 106-year-old Victorian so perfect. I showed them the trunk and they both fell in love with it. When I showed it to them, I was secretly stifling a laugh because they had no idea they were looking at their Christmas present. But it looked so good in my office ... and then when I bought this house, I knew it would look perfect in my new living room. So, I (selfishly) kept it for myself.

Did I feel guilty for keeping it for myself? Yes

Did I feel guilty enough to give it to them? No.

A few days after he saw my trunk, my son-in-law texted me a photo of a trunk he'd found ...

Now that he has a trunk that astoundingly similar to "mine", I don't have to feel quite so guilty at keeping the one I bought for them. In my defense, however, they didn't know I'd bought it for them, so it's not like I gave it to them and then took it back!!

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