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Monday, November 23, 2015

I FINALLY Figured Out What to Hang in the Kitchen

After having to scrap the stemware rack and buffet table idea for the kitchen, I spent countless hours scouring the web looking for inspiration as to what to hang on the wall behind the island. I also needed something to hang on the wall with the tv. I had designed a very pretty cabinet to house (and hide) the television, but I don't possess the skills necessary to build it, and my to-do list for Superman is already pretty long. But, the television hanging all by its lonesome looked "unfinished". It needed something to combat the nakedness.

The internet yielded no ideas, so I headed out, determined to find something to make that wall more interesting. I finally decided on iron scrolls and sconces. I've had this idea in my head for a long time, but was afraid it would look too busy. After it was hung (thanks to Superman), I chastised myself for not doing it sooner! 

One wall down, one to go.

I still had to figure out what to hang on the wall where the stemware rack and "eat" sign were originally intended to hang. It had to be something low-profile so as not to impede traffic behind the island, and I wanted something unique. After roaming the aisles and putting things in and out of my cart, I finally decided on this ...

I love the look of these shelves, and they provide room for some of my stemware. The wood shelves and black pipe tie into the shelves above the cooktop quite nicely, don't you think?

Before I bought the stemware rack, I had envisioned rustic wood shelves hung by black pipes attached to the ceiling and the walls. I've seen photo's of it, and knew it would look amazing, but something that heavy would be a big deal to hang. I needed to find a less complicated solution, and I believe I did. This is the perfect compromise ... I got the rustic shelves and the black pipe detail I love so much!

Slowly but surely, the house is coming together. I fell in love with this house the moment I saw it. After living in my previous home for sixteen years, I was sure it would feel odd to call someplace else home ... but it didn't. Even on the very first night here, it felt like home. I still look at houses for sale online ... and I still like mine the best.

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