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Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Tree is Up

My Christmas tree is up. I had to buy a new one, as I would have had to cut a hole in the roof to accommodate my old one! I was afraid the angel would be way too large for this tree, but it turns out, she looks just fine. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

When I moved, I left all of my holiday decorations in the basement of my old house. There's no way I could use them all in my new home, and since my daughter and her husband bought my old house, it made more sense to take only what I needed. But before I moved, I didn't know how much room I'd have or what I needed to decorate.

So, this past Saturday, my daughter and I went through the decorations. I took my very favorite items, but some of the things I left behind pulled at my heartstrings. I told my daughter why they were so special to me. I know she'll cherish them as much as I do, so they're in good hands.

I took more than what I needed and planned to give her the things I couldn't use. Turns out, even though I left a lot ... I took a lot ... and I used almost all of it! I've got most everything done, but I still have a few things I hung onto that she could probably use. I'm not planning on decorating the family room this year. If I do decorate down there, it will be sparingly and Christmas light free. I rarely go downstairs, and I fear the kids will leave the lights on 24/7. Some of the decorations I held onto were things I wanted for the family room. But, since I'm not decorating it much this year, it feels selfish holding onto them.

Once I get all the decorations completely done, I'll give her the rest of what I took. As hard as it it to let some of these things go, it's time to pass them on. For years prior to moving, I'd been trying to cull my Christmas decorations, and I had already given her a lot of them. This year, however, will be the finale. Why am I finding it so difficult to let go of some silly decorations I don't need?

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