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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kitchen Shelves

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Superman hung the shelves in my kitchen last weekend. There are still things around the house to hang (mainly in the living room), but this is the project I've been most anxious to see completed. I love the look of the wood shelves against the brick. 

The "eat" sign isn't going to stay above the microwave. And speaking of microwaves, I need a bigger one ... that one looks like a toy sitting there! I swapped microwaves with my daughter when I moved here. She had a black one, but needed a white one, while I had a white one, and needed a black one. I'll get a larger microwave, but this one works for now.

Okay ... back to the "eat" sign! It will one day be hung on on a different wall in the kitchen, but that's on hold until I decide exactly how I want that wall to look. I originally planned to set a narrow buffet table against that wall. A stemware was going to hang from the ceiling above the buffet, and the "eat" sign would be hung between the two. Unfortunately, I underestimated the necessary walk-room behind the island. The buffet was in the way, so I had to move it out of the kitchen. If I hang the stemware rack there without the table to protect the real estate beneath it, people will hit their head on the glasses, the glasses will fall, everyone will inevitably be barefoot, someone will need stitches, I'll be in my pajamas (or in bed), it will be raining ... or snowing, etc. 

So, no ... that won't work at all! We'll have to move to Plan B ... except ... there was no Plan B.

Thing 2 and I brainstormed and figured out a better place to hang the stemware rack ... so now I need something else to fill the emptiness on that wall. Hopefully whatever I find will allow me to hang the "eat" sign there, too. When I'm out shopping or just surfing the web, I've been keeping an eye open for ideas, but nothing has spoken to me yet. There's no rush. I'll find the perfect something (or somethings) eventually. It doesn't help that I'm not looking for anything in particular ... but I'll know it when I see it ... and then I'll know what Plan B is!

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