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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Missed Adventure

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I woke up pretty sick Friday morning. We had planned a hike to Duke Creek Falls after breakfast, and there was talk of cancelling the hike. I didn't want everyone to miss out on my account. I was too sick to go with them, but I wasn't incapacitated ... I could look after myself while they were gone. My doctor called in a prescription for me, and I persuaded them to go without me. Promising to take lots of pictures, they headed out on their adventure while I took my medicine and went back to bed.

I missed out on a beautiful drive and hike, but ... true to their word ... they took lots of pictures. There are numerous waterfalls at Duke Creek that converge into one before falling into (where else?) ... Duke Creek. As beautiful as their pictures were, I know firsthand that it's impossible to capture the beauty of a waterfall in a photograph.

We have to head home to the real world today, but we'll be back. The mountains and waterfalls aren't going anywhere. They'll be waiting for me the next time I'm here ... and I'll see this waterfall then.

A peek of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
So picturesque.
My boyfriend and his son-in-law ...
Thing B's first love and her last love :)
A view of the mountains at one of the lookout points along the highway.

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