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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Avoid Hotel Ghosts in Asia

I read an article from an "expert" that claims his/her advice will help you avoid ghosts in your hotel room in Asia. I assume this advice holds true for Bed & Breakfasts and hostels, but that's an assumption on my part, as the article did not specifically say these tips work anywhere except hotels. The article also specifically said "ghosts in hotels in Asia", not a generic "ghosts in hotels", so these helpful tidbits may or may not work in other places around the world. If you find yourself in ... oh, let's say Europe ... and suspect your hotel room could be haunted, you could try these, but I can't guarantee their effectiveness. They might work ... but then again, they might really p*** off a French ghost! So, outside of Asia, try them at your own peril! I've paraphrased the "experts" advice, and included my thoughts (in red), as a bonus!

You're welcome!

Knock Three Times
Before you open the hotel room door, firmly knock three times ... as opposed to knocking three times on the ceiling which, according to the song, means you want Tony Orlando!

Announce Yourself
But only if you speak the local language. Like we had to be told this! Duh!

Declare the Length of Your Stay
Upon entering your hotel room, declare the length of your stay. This is a sign of respect ... because it's disrespectful to disrespect a ghost!

How to Enter the Room
Enter the room with your body pivoted so that any ghosts who would like to leave have the space to do so. Wait a minute ... can't ghosts just go through you ... or the wall??

Set Up the Space
You need to show signs of the living. Open the curtains, turn on all the lights, and turn on the television. I'd avoid turning on The Walking Dead. I have a feeling that particular show might spook even the ghosts ... and selecting one of the 'Casper' movies might be construed as mocking!

Flush the Toilet
This purges the bathroom of any negative energy. It also lets the ghosts know you are there and that you are alive. Can't ghosts already tell you are there ... and alive? If not, how do they know who to haunt? Do they ever inadvertently haunt another ghost??

Want to Avoid Waking to Find a Ghost Watching You?
Simply make sure your shoes (or slippers) are facing opposite directions on the floor. This (apparently) confuses ghosts as to where you are. They can't see me if my shoes are facing the same direction?? My kids will be happy to know their sloppiness has made them invisible to ghosts!

If There is a Second Bedroom in Your Suite
Put your suitcase or some clothes on the bed so there isn't room for an unwanted spirit. They get in my bed when I'm not there or otherwise laying claim to it? Maybe my kids weren't lying ... maybe they really didn't mess up their beds after I made them!

Leave the Bible Out
In Asia, leaving a Bible out is considered good luck, so leave it on the desk as warning to the ghosts. A warning for what? If, however, you come back and find the Bible opened, the room is haunted and you should check out. So does that mean none of the steps above will work if the ghost opens the Bible???? If that's the case, I may skip this last bit of advice!

I hope these helpful tips make your hotel stay in Asia much less stressful and ghost-free!!

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