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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jethro? Is that you?

How is he still single?!!
A camo Maza Miata. Check out all the customization!
While running to pick up a prescription for me yesterday morning, my boyfriend saw the epitome of a redneck playboy driving down the road in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Think Jethro Bodine. If you don't know who Jethro is, it would be worth the time to look up some Beverly Hillbillies clips of him trying to attract women on YouTube.

The gauge in my boyfriend's truck said the outside temperature was 29ยบ, but traveling down the highway with the top down, the wind chill inside Jethro's "chick magnet" had to be well below zero. When Jethro pulled into a gas station, my boyfriend followed and discreetly took a couple of pictures. I guess my sweetie knew words alone would not do justice to this scenario. (In order to protect the innocent guilty, I've obscured the license plate number and Jethro's face).

As hard as it is to believe, Ladies ... this Twenty-First Century Jethro is single. See? It says so right on the bumper of his pimped-out, camouflaged sports car! I'm not sure that's something he needs to advertise, though ... I think it's safe to assume that when people see him in that car, they pretty much already know he's single. Bless his heart.

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