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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Ghost Walk

The moon was alone in a starless sky the night we took the Ghost Walk.
It was actually a crescent moon, but it photographed as a full moon. Ooooooo! Spooky!!!!
Perusing the shops along main street in a sleepy little town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia one day, I wandered into a bookstore. I was supposed to be looking for a new winter coat, but the lure of the books drew me inside where I happily meandered among the tomes, both old and new. While there I picked up a flyer on a Ghost Walk they offered. That evening, my boyfriend and I returned and went on the Ghost Walk. If the guide is to be believed, there are dozens of lost souls in homes and businesses throughout the downtown historic district, refusing ... or perhaps unable ... to leave this world.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable ... and she very much believed the haunted stories she told. Neither of us believe in ghosts, but we kept our opinions to ourselves. Before the tour started, she gave us ghost meters and heat sensors ... and the names of several apps we could download on our smartphones that could detect paranormal activity. She was probably very disappointed that we dropped the meters and sensors in our pockets, only to remove them to return them at the end of the ghost walk ... nor did we immediately start searching for and downloading the apps. 

We walked past the restaurant we planned to eat at later that week. It's in an old building with several other businesses, which are haunted by not one, not two, but three spirits! One of the ghosts apparently hangs out in the women's restroom at the restaurant. I did use the facilities when we dined there, but my experience was ... surprise, surprise ... ghost free and uneventful.

I enjoy Ghost Walks and go on them whenever I can. I love the history and the folklore. I love the stories, told and retold throughout the generations, even if I don't believe them. Whether spirits of the dead are real or not, Ghost Walks are always fun.

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