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Monday, November 17, 2014


We got 4" of snow last night, which means local news stations are pre-empting regular broadcasting to cover the severe weather, accidents are shutting down roads and intersections, there is no bread or milk in the stores, all the schools and a surprising number of businesses. Even though it means a day off work, I don't like snow. Or cold. Or winter. Heck, I don't even like autumn ... which is just pre-winter.

We don't usually see any measurable snow until closer to Christmas at the earliest. Typically, January is our snowy month, and even then it's generally mild by anyone's standards (but everything still closes and there is no bread or milk left in the stores). Last year was a bit of an anomaly, with a lot more snow and much colder temperatures, but then, everyone had a bad time of it last winter. Still, we had it better than "the North" did.

Technically, I live in "the North", although I bristle at being included in that category. I live a stones throw from "the South" ... I can practically see it from my back window! In these parts, we don't get the snow and cold associated with "the North". A typical winter is cold (30's-40's during the day), but it's not bitter cold more than a few days at a time, and dipping into single digits or below zero is rare. Snow, even record snows like the Christmas of 2005, don't last that long because the temperature doesn't stay below freezing more than a few days. We'll get snow, and within a couple of days, it's gone without a trace. 

Most of "the North" can't say that ... especially my poor sister and brother-in-law in Minnesota. They've toyed with the idea of moving south, to perhaps North Carolina. They're both genius-smart, and have the skills to get a job anywhere, but I'm guessing they won't move, if they ever do, until they retire ... and that's years in the future. I wish they would move to North Carolina, though ... I'd visit them a lot more if they did! They're empty-nester's now, so there's no reason they can't move now ... except I think my brother-in-law (raised in Michigan) is part penguin ... or allergic to pretty weather. Poor guy.

When they come down to see us in the summer, their children are miserable in the stifling humidity we have here. I only say "stifling" because I'm told it is. Personally, I like our summers! I don't care if my heat is dry or wet ... as long as my heat is warm, I'm happy. 

My kids and I went to see them one summer. 

It was June. 

They were having what they described as a "heat wave". 

We about froze to death. 

The kids and I would be in a pile, like puppies, trying to stay warm, while all the natives were walking around in shorts and tank tops! We had a wonderful time, and there is so much to do there ... but Minnesota is just too cold. If God wanted me to visit Minnesota, even in the summer, He'd have made me a lot fatter!

One of my co-workers lost about 65 pounds this past year. He was always ribbing me for being so cold (and shivering like a scared chihuahua) ... even in the summer (they keep it way too cold in our offices). Now he's miserable (and shivering like a scared chihuahua) ... and wondering if he should gain some of that weight back! 

Welcome to my world, honey.

All of the experts say we're going to have another cold, snowy winter again this year. I know they're probably right, but I'm desperately hoping their wrong. The scariest part is ... it's not even winter yet!!! I may have to rent out rooms to pay my heating bills.

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