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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Apple Dumplings

When my boyfriend and I went to his cabin in Georgia, I went armed with some new recipes to try. Some were for "real" food, and some were for desserts. I made apple dumplings one evening, and they had both of us swooning! This photograph doesn't make it look nearly as good as it tasted! The brown on top is not chocolate (as my boyfriend first thought), but rather a cinnamon-sugar crust.

I have wanted an apple dumpling ever since I was a child and I read a book where a young girl made apple dumplings, The Middle Sister. I wasn't exactly sure what an apple dumpling was ... but I wanted one! I have tried to imagine what they might taste like ... but my imagination could never conger up anything that tasted this good! I tweaked the recipe I found online, ... and my, oh my, oh my ... YUM!!! Sometimes you build something up in your mind and the reality is never as good, so I was almost afraid to make them ... but these apple dumplings surpassed my expectations.

I will definitely be making these again!!!

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