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Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Celebrity Takes a Break

A celebrity, who shall remain nameless, has announced he/she is taking a break to deal with anxiety and depression stemming from a disease he/she has. He/she is hoping that by sharing his/her struggles, others with this disease will be encouraged to address their own issues.

While this person does have a legitimate, serious, chronic medical condition, I fail to see how sharing his/her struggles from one of his/her mansions or exotic locations around the world will encourage others with this disease.

Celebrities, especially young ones, seem to forget the rest of the world doesn't have millions of dollars at their disposal to bankroll a year long vacation to "work on me". Most people get three to four weeks of vacation a year, and very few can afford to spend that time at a five-star resort or hire a full staff to attend to their needs at home. Heck, parents of young children consider going to the bathroom alone a vacation!

I know this celebrity has health issues to address, and taking time off is a good thing. I don't begrudge him/her that, but if he/she thinks taking a year or two off work is going to in any way encourage "regular" people suffering the same disease, he/she is delusional!

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