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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sweet Grandbabies

My little grandson was running a fever yesterday, so all he wanted to do was lay around and cuddle. He wasn't whiny, just lethargic ... nothing like the sweet ball of energy he usually is. I couldn't get him to eat anything, so I made sure he drank plenty of liquids.

His little sister was feeling okay, but she wants to be held all the time. Usually I sit on the floor holding her while my grandson plays nearby, but he was feeling so bad, he didn't want to play. So yesterday, I sat on the sofa holding tiny Fifi, with little Fido's head in my lap. I'd rub his little head or drape my arm over him, where he would promptly grab my hand and hold on tight.

When it came time to feed Fifi, life got a little difficult, especially if Fido wanted something to drink, too. He's perfectly capable of holding his own bottle or sippy cup, but he felt so rotten I held it for him. Thing 2 was there most of the day, but she had to take a shower and get ready to leave, so I was on my own a few times. Little Fido had been laying down on the pillow next to me as I held his bottle for him, but then he decided to sit up. Thing 2 came back into the room and snapped this picture of me feeding both of the babies. 

Fido has always been a very content little guy ... happy and smiling and easily soothed. Fifi, not so much! Luckily, having raised three kids with very different temperaments, I was prepared to deal with easy and difficult little ones!

Thing 1 was a difficult infant, so I held her ... a lot. But, she grew into an easy teenager and an amazing adult. I'll take a demanding infant over a demanding adolescent or teenager any day of the week! When it came to nap time, however, I let my kids cry it out after I laid them down. I know I shouldn't always indulge Fifi when she cries to be held, but she's only two months old ... and I only get to see her once a week. I don't want her to remember Grandma's house as the place she cries all day!

After I took the babies home, I stopped and bought a vibrating seat for little Fifi. I'm hoping the vibrations will make her more content and I won't have to hold her so much ... but if I do, I do! Thing 1 grew out of some of her "difficultness" (I just made that word up!) when she was able to sit up and play, and I'm sure Fifi will, too.

Besides, time is flying by. Fido will be one year old soon. There will come a day when cuddling with Grandma is no longer "cool", and all I will get is quick hello/goodbye hug and kiss ... so right now, if they want held, I'll hold them and treasure every moment.

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